Q: Does the Digit2000 need to be calibrated each time before it is used?
A: No. The only setup you will need is the initial installation.

Q: What happens to the settings if we lose power?
A: Our new model has a non-volatile memory, which can keep the settings for a very long time in case of power failures.

Q: What kind of power source do we need for the Digit2000
A: It comes with a wall transformer which is 9V DC 800mA (120V AC in).

Q: Can the Digit2000 work on a different power source other than the 9V DC power?
A: Yes. We can customize the Digit2000 for your power requirements.

Q: Where can I use a Digit2000?
A: You can use it in most applications where you would like to measure a liner movement.

Q: Can I reset the reading to any position, and how?
A: Yes, it is very simple. Just push the “Reset” button.

Q: Besides the Digit2000 kit, what else do I need?
A: Nothing else is needed since this is a complete kit with everything included already inside.

Q: Can the Digit2000 measure anything longer than 120″
A: Yes we can customize the unit for your needs.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Digit2000?
A: – It is a fast and precise digital readout; regardless of lead screw wear and tear.
– One touch change between inches and metric.
– Low-cost, FASTER, more accurate replacement for damaged glass scales and metal tapes.
– Fits all systems; with motorized OR manual back gauges.
– Compact and Low-Cost
– Easy and fast non-critical installation in under an hour.

Q: Can the Digit2000 work under vibrations?
A: Yes. The cable is very flexible and does not affect the reading under vibration or shaking.

Q: What is the shipping process and delivery time? How can I order a Digit2000?
A: – You can download the Order Form, then fax or email it to us.
– Most models are in stock and we ship with Next Day Air Service to North America.

Q: What are the payment methods?
A: We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Q: How long is the warranty for?
A: It is a full one year.