About Digit2000

The history of digit2000

Since 1985, Moderne Electronique has been known as a small company that specializes in manufacturing electronic equipment and testers. Digit2000 is one of them which has been developed in 1999 and marketed in 2000.


This device has brought a lot of advantages to a myriad of industries. Outdated machines that do not have a manual, do not have a working readout system, or even have any at all have now regained their value thanks to the help of the Digit2000. By installing one on machines, it reduces material waste and speeds up workflows as well as eliminates human error. This unit has been sold worldwide and aided many companies.


We are very proud of our Digit2000 because the design and concept has never been changed. Rather, time to time, we have been improving small details such as instead of having a plastic enclosure, it is now metal; being installed only on vertical surfaces, now can be installed horizontally; reading only inches, now has mm and fraction capabilities. Our latest innovation, the PFM (Power Failure Memory) has a Non-Volatile Memory which retains the settings in case of a power loss.


Many facilities such as metal, steel, paper, chemical, automotive, construction, defense, military, aerospace, etc. have greatly benefited from a Digit2000.